Welcome in Bram-Cor. This website is oriented to our pharmaceutical turnkey projects.

We are known all over the world for our pharmaceutical machinery (water treatment, processing and filling systems). We also provide complete design, engineering, construction, start-up of new pharmaceutical facilities, even assisting the Clients through scouting activities, ... For any turnkey project, contact us at international@bram-cor.com!

Design & Engineering

Engineering focuses on fluid drugs sterile production processes, such as parenteral solutions, oral solutions, ophtalmic solutions, antibiotics and oncologic solutions, ...

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Validation Master Plan

The standards of good manufacturing practice (cGMP) require special attention to risk assessment and verification procedures: “…

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Commissioning & Start Up

Commissioning includes factory testing, site testing and start-up activities, ensuring that the production lines are correctly running, ...

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Water Treatment, Processing, Filling & Packaging: discover our equipment, machinery and systems, visit the main Bram-Cor site at www.bram-cor.com

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Turnkey Pharmaceutical Projects

Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Equipment & Turnkey Projects – Headquarters in Parma, Italy

Our pharmaceutical turnkey projects derive from experience and knowledge.

Bram-Cor target in design, manufacturing, documentation, testing and validation activities focuses on the overall compliance of our equipment to the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.