Instructions for use, assembly instructions, technical manuals, data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets…  also the adoption of IT tools, such as SCADA control units, is largely owing to the availability of documentation. This is crucial to an engagement with a machine.

Trunkey Manufacturing - test

Bram-Cor adopts a holistic approach to documentation, by understanding the client’s business and requirements, so a complete technical documentation is a fundamental part of Bram-Cor turnkey services. For each equipment and line, the documentation includes:

  • General Documentation and Constructive Specification
  • Components Documentation
  • Valves Documentation
  • Instruments Documentation
  • Electrical/pneumatic Documentation
  • Hardware and Software Documentation
  • Piping, Fitting and Welding Documentation
  • Non-destructive test certificate
  • Operating and Maintenance Instructions
  • Spare Parts