Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Turnkey - Validation Master PlanThe standards of good manufacturing practice (cGMP) require special attention to risk assessment and verification procedures: “… it is requirement of good manufacturing identify the activities of validation necessary to demonstrate control critical aspects of particular operations. The significant changes made to installations, equipment and processes, which may affect product quality, should be validated. A procedure for risk assessment should be used to determine the scope and extent of validation.”

The Validation Master Plan serves to make sure that all equipment, procedures, that may affect the quality or integrity or effectiveness of the product, are validated; it contains the general principles which comply during the validation task, and plans activities to be carried out for this purpose. 

DISS with user point

According to EC legislation, all critical equipment and technical devices must be identified and validated, regularly inspected and preventively maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions; new or repaired equipment must be tested when installed and validated before use, and the monitoring results must be documented.