Our pharmaceutical turnkey projects derive from experience and knowledge.

Bram-Cor target in design, manufacturing, documentation, testing and validation activities focuses on the overall compliance of our equipment to the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

So, International Good Manufacturing Practices and Pharmacopoeias are the baseline to our work. All Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing Facilities need to be constantly updated, achieve  competitive efficient operation, requiring diversified production programs, to reduce life-cycle costs and above all to be compliant with the appropriate pharmaceutical cGMP regulation. Bram-Cor project drivers satisfy all pharmaceutical regulatory and QA requirements, aligning the final product to the international Pharmacopoeias and capitalizing upon a careful, customer-oriented project management. In fact most our businesses is with long term Clients; a close partnership with our Customer is therefore the core of our work philosophy. The direct contact with the End User ensures full committment in any long term relationship.

Turnkey Pharmaceutical Projects

Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Equipment & Turnkey Projects – Headquarters in Parma, Italy




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