Bram-Cor Knowledge Transfer allows customers to take advantage of important decision-making structures ,based on actual indicators, such as the exact perception of the opportunities available to the growth and development of new products or reformulating existing products through the acquisition of new knowledge. This process, that achieves shared understandings and offers formal procedures and emergent routines, ensures the coding and routing at the customer of the types of information required. The action of Bram-Cor implies the achievement of a knowledge finally “embedded” in the structure of the client company.

pharmaceutical Turnkey Project 

Procurement is defined as the process by which product formulations are made available, including the modalities and the technologies for their productive development. Bram-Cor has extensive experience in assisting Clients for evaluating of process technology licensors, developing a correct evaluation plan and preparing and issuing inquiry documents to the licensors, based on the peculiar project requirements.