Bram-Cor provides complete design, engineering, construction, start-up of new pharmaceutical facilities, even assisting the Clients through scouting activities of potential Know How Licensor, transferring the Know How, providing Validation Master Plans and Standard Operating Procedures, validating, aligning industrial processes to URS and regulatory requirements.

The necessary training for operation and maintenance of the lines is provided by our expert technicians at the system start-up, ensuring a full understanding of how the equipment works and how to operate for effective sanitization/sterilization and troubleshooting. Different training for different access levels to the system is taken into account and recorded on Bram—Cor certificate of attendance. Action options and limitations for the End-User, which are diversified according to the access level, are cleary highlighted during training.

We propose reliable turnkey know-how, engineering and services about:

  • LVP (Large Volume Parenterals) in PVC or PP bags
  • LVP in Glass or Plastic Bottles
  • SVP  (Small Volume Parenterals) in Glass/Plastic Vials/Ampoules
  • Pre-filled Syringes
  • IV products (bags, glass and plastic bottles)
  • Blood bags (LVP bags in PVC)
  • Dialysis concentrate solutions and powders(Canisters, Bags, Cartridges)
  • Plasma Fractionation
  • Biotechnological Plants
  • Multipurpose Pharmaceutical Plants


Factory for the production of medicines, glass bottles on the conveyor